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We provide an excellent, reliable and professional service in the Orlando area and surrounding neighborhoods. If your air conditioning is not working perfectly, started making noises, not cooling right, freezing, we are prepare to help you with our certified technicians. 

If you recently moved to a new residency and need to re-install the air conditioning as well as all the packages associated with it, we provide sales service and installation.

And if your ducts and filters need to be cleaned and replaced we can do the job, to prevent any mold or dust or allergies at home.


When we talk about business, we like to talk about the ways to increase the comfort levels on your customers and personnel but at the same time lowering the operating cost, and having a air conditioning system that increases your utility cost is not an option.

We sale the equipment, install in new constructions, and do repair and maintenances on them, because having loose belts, dirty coils and plugged filters can be a headache.

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Industrial air conditioning is a type of air conditioning system specifically designed to control temperature, humidity, and air quality in industrial and commercial facilities. It is typically used to cool and dehumidify large areas such as warehouses and factories, and can provide ventilation, air circulation, and other climate control functions in an energyefficient way. Industrial air conditioning systems are typically larger and more complex than residential air conditioning systems, and require specialized installation and maintenance services.



With a long trajectory in the air conditioning, heat and ventilation field, and excellent reviews and recommendations. We have the necessary qualifications and certifications to work on your system, to provide you with a top quality service, because we know how important, especially in Central Florida, is to have a good and trusted HVAC system.

We also deliver a great rate when working with systems, sales and installations. And we provide warranty for our work. Also Thermodynamics Air technicians are insured in case of any damage or injury while working on your system.

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